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NAME: Shohei Miyuki (昌平ミユキ)CV: ryouichi (edited with software)AGE: 16GENDER: FemaleWEIGHT: 132lbs / 59.9kg / 9.4 StoneHEIGHT: 5'6 / 167.64cmBIRTHDAY: 1st MarchSTAR SIGN: PiscesNATIONALITY: Japanese

Miyuki is a soft and gentle kind of person, and is very cheerful no matter the situation. Her favourite pass-times are singing, which she was taught by her mother, and playing video games. She really doesn't like confrontation due to her introvercy.



Neutral CVVC
Planned Sometime

Range : B3~E5
BPM : 60~220
Pitches : G4
Recommended Resampler(s) : Doppeltler, moresampler, TIPS

Terms of Use


You're able to:

Redistribute your own configuration settings & frequency tables.
Edit samples for quality's sake.
Spread a positive message with her voicebanks.

You're unable to:

Redistribute any of Miyuki's voicebanks.
Take credit for any part of her voicebanks.
Pitch it up or down to create an alternative character / derivative (fanloid, pitchloid, etc).


You're able to:

Slightly alter her design for songs, covers or illustrations (change her clothes or hairstyle).
Use her voice exclusively to portray Shohei Miyuki's character.
Make your own headcanons as long as they're not problematic or offensive.

You're unable to:

Edit her design to make her another character.
Take credit for Miyuki as a character or coming up with any of her official designs.
Roleplay as Miyuki.
State your own headcanons as an official part of Miyuki's lore. (ship your character with her).

Art & Fanart

You're able to:

Proper fanart is allowed and greatly appreciated.
Use Miyuki's illustrations included with the voicebanks for your own covers and PVs.
Credit the right artist when you use any of Miyuki's official illustrations.

You're unable to:

ANY form of NSFW artwork, which includes suggestive / 'R15' artwork.
Fetish art.
Gore art.
Harmful, offensive or problematic themes.

Commercial Use

You're able to:

Always ask ryouichi for permission first.
Miyuki's merchandising may only represented in the form of : stickers, prints, charms, plushies, illustrations in zines or official compilation albums.
Profit off of Miyuki's character as long as you have ryouichi's permission.

You're unable to:

Create unauthorized merchandising
Create merchandising with harmful, offensive or problematic intent.

Main Design Illust.

You may use these for non-commercial projects, unless given approval.
Please credit 'ryouichi' as the artist.

2022 Onwards (Unfinished)


Reference Sheets

You may use these for reference only.
Please credit 'ryouichi' as the artist.

2022 Onwards